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Mediation is an alternative solution for resolving a dispute between two or more parties. Such services lessen the force of the law; it attempts to work through the problem between the two parties to find a solution, rather than going to a courtroom and letting a judge decide. It takes the effort of both parties to come to a solution and determine what will be best for everyone that is involved.

With this process, one party can back out of the agreement easily, making the agreement null and void; meaning if one party decides to not honor the deal at the last minute, they have every right not to. If this happens, then the situation can go to trial and have a judge decide the agreement. A trusted and experienced mediation attorney can help you understand the entire mediation process and determine if it is the right step for you and your situation.

Different non-criminal situations are suitable for mediation, such as divorce, child custody, and disputes between business partners, family members, landlord-tenants, and labor unions. With many types of mediations, it’s important to have an attorney go through your options with you, allowing you to understand the process, have any questions answered, and determine the best route for you and your situation.

At Fass and Greenberg, we understand how difficult your situation can become. We’re here to ensure that you find a fair agreement that can help all parties. Our Garden City family attorneys are experienced mediators and have helped clients for years find solutions that are fair and accepted by the parties involved. If you or a loved one are struggling with deciding if a mediation is right for you, or attempting to find a fair agreement, contact our office today to discuss your options and determine the next best step.

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