Florence M. Fass Esq.


A native of Long Island, Florence Fass began her 37 year career in the corporate litigation department of one of New York City’s “top ten” law firms. Ms. Fass soon joined two prominent Nassau County divorce firms, becoming a partner in one of them, and later launched her own firm in 1995. Since its inception, the focus of the firm has always been to provide the highest quality of legal representation in the field. As a result, Ms. Fass is widely respected as a leading matrimonial practitioner, being both a distinguished attorney and a certified divorce mediator. Ms. Fass has lectured for the New York State, Nassau County, and Suffolk County Bar Associations, sharing her knowledge with the judiciary, her colleagues, and the public through personal appearances and radio and TV commentaries. She prides herself on being in the forefront of the current developments in matrimonial and family law, believing it to be crucial to the effective representation of the firm’s clientele. Given her extensive experience, Ms. Fass is uniquely familiar with the complex financial aspects of the New York State equitable distribution law, while continuing to maintain an awareness and appreciation of the enormous stress which the divorce process places on the client. Ms. Fass believes that she serves her clients best by helping them to focus on the financial realities of their cases, while handling their emotional concerns with the patience and respect they deserve. Her goal in each case is to recognize when a case is ready for resolution, and to work with a client in choosing a resolution that is in their best interest. Outside of the office, Ms. Fass enjoys charity work for under-privileged children, and ballroom dancing.

Attorney Florence Fass

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