Why Avoiding Court Helps Both Parties in a Divorce

Why Avoiding Court Helps Both Parties in a Divorce


Divorces are often heated and difficult to navigate. Both parties are sometimes highly charged emotionally and even the simplest issues can become powder kegs very quickly. It is important to hire Garden City divorce attorneys as soon as you realize that you might have a situation that is headed towards divorce.  Our law firm will be able to step in and assist you through this potentially devastating process.  

Divorce Law Garden City NY is Complicated

The average layperson can easily be overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into preparing a divorce case. It is not easy for anyone to understand everything that goes into a divorce, not the least of which are those who are actively trying to work through one. If you have found yourself in a position where you might need to go through a divorce, make sure you look for a divorce lawyer in Garden City right away. 

The courts are designed to stand in the middle between battling couples and help figure out how to resolve the disputes that they may have. The court will do its best to work things out in a manner that is fair to both sides, but someone almost always ends up feeling like they got the short end of the stick in these situations. Try as they might, judges are not always able to do as much to resolve a situation as they might have hoped. 

Before it Gets to Court

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that not every case necessarily needs to end up in court. A New York mediation attorney may be necessary before you end up all the way inside of a courtroom. In fact,  mediation is always a great place to start, because the court strongly encourages the parties and their attorneys to engage in meaningful settlement negotiations before taking up any of its time. 

Courtrooms are designed to be used by those who are simply unable to resolve their disputes in any other way. This may seem to be the case for some couples, but most are able to work things out in some respect before they get to court. 

Court is Not Ideal for Anyone

You might think that you would like to have your day in court against someone who you are no longer in love with, but you probably don’t actually want to attempt this. The problem with going to divorce court is that it is expensive, lengthy, and rarely leaves anyone feeling happy with the outcome. Many people go with the assumption that they will somehow overcome the odds and end up with a better outcome than the many other people who have gone to court seeking the same thing. Of course, this is unrealistic and does not actually play out that way. 

Here at Fass & Greenberg, we will tell you that using a meditation lawyer NY is a better way to go. It can protect you from the worst outcome of having to go and spend a lengthy amount of time in a courtroom somewhere. No one truly wants to do that, and that is why you need to take action now to try to get your divorce resolved before it spirals into something more serious. No one has time to deal with the pettiness of grievances that come up in the midst of court hearings.

Protect your time, your money, and your sanity by using a lawyer that can help you resolve whatever you need to resolve in your divorce case as soon as possible. You will be thankful that you took this route when it is all said and done. There is no better feeling than getting something like this put behind you once and for all. 

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