Navigating Parental Access with Civility

Navigating Parental Access with Civility

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When a relationship doesn’t work out between a couple, it is much more difficult when there are children involved. Even if the relationship ends amicably, parental access can be a challenge. Garden City divorce attorneys know that even the seemingly simplest of events, such as pick-ups and drop-offs can take time to get used to. 

Legal separation attorneys will tell clients that there are things that can be done to keep a cool head when dealing with custody and parental access matters. Below are some tips that can help a former couple co-parent.  Getting on the right track is crucial for the young people involved.

Sometimes a parent will go out of their way to avoid all communication with the other parent, especially in contentious separations. Occasionally, a parent will even send messages to the other by way of the child instead of making a phone call themselves. This is not the responsible way to convey a message.

Separation attorneys Garden City NY know that the easiest way to keep the peace between parties in conflict is their ability to communicate. The next several years that the two parents share custody will be much smoother if the adults are able to work things out by talking through it. Adjustments will need to be made, and being able to talk and listen to the other person will set a great example for the children.

Having wildly different family dynamics in each household can be confusing for children. Permissiveness at one parent’s house, and strict discipline in the other parent’s house could create resentment. Both parents need to stay on the same page to reduce disruption as much as possible. 

You never know when something will pop up, like vacations, family events, doctor appointments, or school functions. A minor schedule change should not start a riot. Being flexible shows a willingness to work together for the greater benefit of the child, not the parent’s desires. 

Moving on with life does not mean there still won’t be bouts of anger or times of animosity between two people who brought life into the world. It would be less work to stay mad and even talk poorly of the other parent when the children are around. 

However, this is a very unhealthy way to get on with life. The parents should keep a narrow focus on children’s needs. Garden City lawyers can help parents with this. If a couple can agree to always put the interest of the child first, that’s the best basis of a co-parenting relationship. If not, it may be time to call a family lawyer Garden City NY.

The reality is, the two are going to be in each other’s lives for a very long time. The way co-parenting goes has a big impact on the little people involved. If parents are playing against each other, no one wins. 

Keeping a solid front with decision-making, rules, schedules, and even education will bleed over to disagreements. If they’re already on the same page, it’s faster to work out the kinks.

When Co-parenting Hits A Snag
If you find that things are just too difficult and that remaining civil with your former partner is causing too much stress, take a breath. What you’re dealing with is something many others are struggling with, too. While custody and visitation arrangements typically get better with time, you may need a referee for now.

A divorce lawyer Garden City might be the best way to handle parental access. Make a plan with Fass & Greenberg and we will help you get to a better place for your children. 

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