5 Things to Avoid During a Divorce

5 Things to Avoid During a Divorce


Divorces are often complicated, but there are things you can avoid to help make your case go more smoothly. It is important maintain a humble attitude throughout divorce proceedings, regardless of what your spouse may say or do. Failing to adhere to the following advice can be detrimental to your case and create more issues in the future. Although you may have already heard many of these rules, lawyers will constantly reiterate them because of the impact they can have on your case.

  1. Avoid Approaching a Divorce Without a Lawyer

Divorces can become lengthy and complicated, especially if it is a contested divorce. One wrong move or statement can lead to a massive loss for you, so contacting a divorce attorney is a crucial first step in your journey. No matter how simple things may appear initially, reaching out to the Garden City divorce attorneys is always the safest move. The divorce attorneys at Fass & Greenberg are privy to the dos and don’ts of divorce battles and will guide you on the right path to prevent any devastating slip-ups that could lead to asset losses, have a negative impact on child custody, and much more.

  • Avoid Hiding Assets

Never destroy, waste, hide, change, collateralize, or otherwise do anything to impair the title or value of any property, or destroy or alter any papers, even when interim orders have been imposed. If you have any questions about how to deal with current property or existing paperwork, you should check with the attorneys at Fass & Greenberg to protect your assets.

  • Avoid Incurring More Debts

Never take on unusual obligations or liabilities, even if interim orders have been placed (e.g., purchase clothing in large quantities, an expensive vacation, etc.). Increased spending will often be used against you by the judge, who will usually establish an overall “just and right” split of the property and debts before ordering you to be entirely accountable for any unexpected liabilities. In addition, divorce is an expensive process so it is important to be smart with your finances so that you can set yourself up for a successful post-divorce life.

  • Avoid Settling Early

The rule that prohibits using evidence of settlement conversations between attorneys at trial does not apply to settlement negotiations between spouses. As a result, evidence pertaining to such settlement negotiations could potentially be used at trial. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not discuss a settlement with your spouse until given permission from your attorney. The divorce attorneys at Fass & Greenberg can guide you through the settlement process to help you make the best choices at every step along the way.

  • Avoid Badmouthing Your Spouse

Judges and juries are not fond of one spouse disparaging the other in the presence of the parties’ children. Many parents have lost custody of their children as a result of this behavior, which can and will psychologically harm a child. Both parents contribute to their children’s self-esteem and psychological well-being. Child psychologists warn that criticizing the other parent will eventually backfire on the criticizing parent. As the child grows older, they begin to form their own opinions and see the other parent in a new and more positive way. As a result, the critical parent is eventually resented by the child. Where it is safe to do so, supporting your child’s relationship with their other parent is a positive factor that is considered by judges in these cases, so it is always best to keep negative comments about your spouse to yourself.

Why You Should Get a Divorce Lawyer

Playing it safe and consulting the Garden City lawyers at Fass & Greenberg law firm will always get you on the smoothest path to divorce. The attorneys will take on as much of the pressure as possible so that you can continue on with your everyday life. Contested divorces come with many difficulties that can wear you down, but the attorneys at Fass & Greenberg are trained to handle these proceedings and fight tooth and nail to get you the most favorable results. Contact the attorneys at Fass & Greenberg to ensure that you avoid making any of these critical mistakes in your divorce process and to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

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