If I Date, Will It Affect My Divorce Case?

If I Date, Will It Affect My Divorce Case?

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Ending a marriage with divorce is one of the most difficult things a couple could go through. It can be mentally exhausting and emotionally overwhelming, especially with the drastic changes that are about to happen. 

The proceedings may also take longer than expected, particularly when one of the parties is opposed to the divorce.  This is why it’s important that you consult with one of the attorneys at Fass & Greenberg, LLP., divorce lawyers in Garden City NY. They can help facilitate a smooth flow of proceedings for a speedier resolution. 

While your divorce lawyers in Garden City take care of the legalities, you can focus on your own well-being, as well as arranging the final details for the separation. In some cases, it also opens up opportunities to meeting new people, and in some cases, dating.

Is this okay, though, and would it not negatively impact your divorce case?

Dating While Divorcing

Affairs of the heart tend to be arbitrary and complicated. It’s not something that you can necessarily plan for, and often takes you by surprise. Timing is everything when it comes to making it work, though, and this same timing could potentially have an effect on your official return to single status. 

Technically speaking, there should be no problem with casual dating while going through a divorce. After all, commencing a divorce proceeding does not necessarily mean the rest of your life comes to a halt.   However, clients must take heed that, a significant change in your relationship status could inevitably impact the results of your divorce case. Our advice to clients about dating is simple: be discreet.

While it is something personal, because it could impact your ongoing case, you should consider informing your family lawyer Garden City NY about these new developments in your life.   This is particularly important if your spouse is not being amicable or even hostile during the proceedings.  Finding out about a “significant other” could complicate the proceedings, particularly if finances are involved.   While dating, keep in mind that in a matrimonial action, all financial information is relevant and discoverable.  For instance, if the payor spouse takes a significant other to dinner, or buys a present with a credit card, the non-monied spouse can find out about it if they seek production of the credit card statements.  That can and often does present credibility issues when the payor spouse claims they cannot afford to pay adequate support.

Here are some other ways dating could affect your divorce proceedings:


This is temporary financial support provided by the higher-earning spouse to the other. The objective of providing alimony (or spousal maintenance)  is to ensure that the lower-earning spouse, if at all, would have the means to rebuild their life as a single individual. This is especially important for those who may have had to stop working or slow down in their careers in order to give more focus to marriage and raising a family. 

If you’re seeking alimony, dating can affect the court’s judgment if you move in with your new partner. This is because you now have somebody who can help give the assistance you need. It’s not going to be an automatic denial of alimony, but it could significantly impact the court’s view of how much financial assistance should be granted to you. 

Child Custody

The other crucial element in a divorce is child custody. In any custody hearing, the best interests of the child are given utmost priority. Getting into a new relationship while this hearing is ongoing could present certain complications.

Previously set agreements could be revoked by your spouse if they become further antagonized by this development in your life. In some cases, it could even be used to show proof or indicate poor parenting.

That is why Garden City divorce attorneys would advise you to exercise caution and prudence when getting into a new relationship, and especially when you update your change in relationship status publicly. 

The last thing you would want is for the divorce proceedings to put a wedge on your new relationship as well, not when you’re trying to start your life anew. For this, Garden City mediation attorneys can help.

It is to your benefit to consult with Garden City lawyers when it comes to these legal matters affecting your matters of the heart. Law firms like Fass & Greenberg can help you navigate through the divorce proceedings, so you can finally and truly move on with your new life after the divorce.

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