What You Should Ask A Prospective Divorce Lawyer

What You Should Ask A Prospective Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce is never a welcome process and finding a reputable divorce lawyer able to handle all the specific details of your case is paramount to getting through it with a minimum of frustration and confusion. Choosing an attorney with plenty of experience with divorce law Garden City NY  legal experts should be familiar with can be an easier process when the right questions are asked of any potential attorney. 

It helps to write down some questions after considering your case circumstance. A consultation appointment with a busy and successful divorce attorney seems to go by in a flash. To ensure that you get the answers that are most important to you, you should perform extensive online research and scrutinize client reviews before making initial contact. 

How Many Divorce Cases Have You Handled? 

It is important to get a feel for how much actual experience that a layer has before making that all important decision. Most successful lawyers will have evidence of their training and other pertinent background on their website and/or in plain view in the office area. Some attorneys specialize in many fields, but since divorce is such a highly specialized area, you should hire an attorney whose practice is exclusively dedicated to matrimonial/family divorce law.  Even within the field of matrimonial and family law, there are certain attorneys who concentrate on trial work, and others whose strengths lie in mediation and collaboration.  Ask to see the attorney’s credentials and evidence of advance training.  

Who In Your Office Will Be Handling My Case?

You should also question how the attorney’s law office is managed, and who are the attorneys who will be working on your case.  Is it a solo practice?  Will a paralegal be drafting paperwork at a lower hourly fee?  Will your case be delegated to less experienced attorneys?  If the case is to be delegated, will the senior partner be handling depositions and court appearances?  These are critical questions to ask the attorney.   Make sure that any representations made by the attorney regarding who will be handling their case are included in their retainer agreement.     

How Will You Keep Me Up-to-Date on My Pending Divorce Case? 

This question will help determine whether your attorney has a good record of keeping all of their clients up-to-date on the status of their court cases. Some attorneys only communicate by letter, in-person visits or via telephone. Others are better with utilizing modern communication methods like E-mail, text, conference calls or other ways. One of the biggest frustrations divorcing clients have is waiting long periods without any contact from their lawyer according to a few reliable Garden City divorce attorneys. 

Does Your Office Act as Mediation Attorneys if Needed? 

Some divorce cases are less stressful or complex, and these cases may be better routed to Garden City mediation attorneys rather than litigating the case in an actual brick-and-mortar courtroom. An attorney can help set this up and guide the parties through this process. The benefits are that this divorce method is usually faster and less expensive. This scenario works best if the divorcing parties remain on good terms with each other. 

Are There Ways to Make This Divorce Process Less Costly? 

Be aware that here can be hidden costs or court delays that could add up expenses. Asking a lawyer about ways to make the divorce process less costly helps the attorney understand what your financial situation is. Reputable attorneys spell out all charges and expenses with an estimate during the first consultation appointment or soon thereafter. 

What Do I Tell My Spouse About Our Legal Conversations? 

A dedicated family lawyer Garden City NY business community holds in high esteem cautions that the private legal conversations with your attorney should be kept private unless your lawyer gives the go ahead. It is unwise to give details on your expected legal strategies. Keep those legal details just between you and your lawyer to ward off the chances of being railroaded down-the-road. 

Do You Have Time to Take on My Case Right Now? 

Some larger law firms are exceptionally busy. Getting your case before the court can be delayed if the attorney’s court schedule is too crowded. Learn more by contacting Fass & Greenberg LLP, at https://fglaw.net.

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