How to Prepare a Parenting Custody Plan for the Holiday Season

How to Prepare a Parenting Custody Plan for the Holiday Season

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Spending time with your children is something that most parents value. When parents are divorced or separated, it is necessary to have a parenting custody plan to avoid conflict and disagreement. By having a clear parenting plan, you will be able to plan for the future and avoid confusion. For assistance with parenting custody plans during the holiday season, contact a Divorce lawyer in Garden City.

How to prepare a parenting custody plan for the holiday season

Preparing a holiday parenting plan should be a priority for all divorced and separated parents. When preparing a holiday parenting plan, both parents will need to co-parent and keep the children’s best interest in mind. If parents are able to effectively communicate and co-parent without a conflict, a parenting plan can be developed jointly and through an agreement. If an agreement is reached, it should be memorialized in writing, so both parents understand the plan.

If parents cannot agree, then a holiday parenting plan can be pursued through the court. A court can issue a custody order which sets forth the specific terms of the plan. Because this is a court order, it is legally enforceable and there can be consequences if one parent does not follow the plan.

In most custody situations, a holiday parenting plan will allow the parents meaningful time with the children on certain holidays. The schedule could include alternating specific holidays each year, allowing each parent time on specific holidays, and otherwise guaranteeing that the parents and children know where they will be for each holiday. The specific holiday schedule will depend upon your situation and what will work best under the circumstances.

Which holidays should be included in a holiday parenting plan?

The specific holidays to include in your holiday plan will depend upon your situation. If there are holidays that you have traditionally celebrated as a family, then they should be addressed. If there are holidays that are recognized nationally, but have had little importance to you, then it may not be necessary to address.

Holidays which have extended time off from school, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, typically will need to be addressed. You may need to specify when the holiday visitation begins and when it ends. The Christmas holiday may need to address how the school break will be divided and if there will be a deviation from your typical custody schedule.

Your parenting plan may also need to specify other notable events, such as spring break and summer vacation periods. Holidays which are included should have specific beginning and ending dates and times, so as to avoid any confusion or conflict.

How can an attorney help with holiday parenting time issues?

Garden City lawyers can help you prepare and enforce a parenting plan. An experienced Family Lawyer Garden City NY will be able to develop a holiday parenting plan which addresses your situation and any specific concerns that you have. A divorce lawyer garden city can also provide legal advice to help you respond to questions that arise.

If you have a parenting plan or agreement that the other parent is not following, then our Garden City divorce attorneys can help you pursue the available remedies. Our experience with Divorce Law Garden City NY will help you know what to expect and what to do. We will help you understand your rights and what options are recommended.

If you need assistance with a holiday parenting plan or just have questions, please contact Fass & Greenberg. We strive to help our clients find solutions to their questions. We will provide legal advice that is specific to your situation. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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