Five Steps to Take in A Financial Case

Five Steps to Take in A Financial Case


Every divorce case has the potential to be challenging and contentious. This is especially true of those cases involving complex financial issues. Taking certain actions will improve one’s chances for success.

Fass & Greenberg, LLP., Garden City NY divorce attorneys, invite prospective clients to read this short blog detailing five important steps those facing financially complicated divorce cases can take that will help favorable results.

Understand What The Dispute Is About

First and foremost, one must familiarize themselves with all the pertinent facts surrounding the case. Granted, financial documents can be voluminous and difficult to obtain, no less understand. However, failing to grasp the important elements of the issues at hand might prove costly. Individuals facing such circumstances are enthusiastically encouraged to consult with Garden City NY divorce attorneys, and or other licensed and experienced financial professional. 

Gather Appropriate Documentation

Clients in divorce cases need to provide their attorneys as much documentation as possible. Acceptable forms, include banking and investment statements, tax returns, cancelled checks, quicken records, billing statements, profit and loss statements, ledgers and any other document necessary to prove the value of an asset, the cash flow of an entity, or the income of the payor spouse is critical for the preparation of the financial aspect of the case. 

Determine If A Forensics Investigator Is Necessary

Should the divorce case in question involve business valuation, an income analysis, or perceived financial malfeasance, such as embezzling or hiding funds, the assistance of a forensics investigator will be needed. These highly skilled professionals possess a dearth of experience valuing different businesses, determining cash flow for income analysis, and identifying potential wrongdoings, like purposefully deleted accounts or tainted software. At Fass & Greenberg, LLP, we work closely with these professionals to cover all financial angles to obtain the best possible result for our clients.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Successful results in complex financial cases often hinges on each party’s willingness to keep the lines of communication open and their ability to put their emotions aside to negotiate effectively. Both parties must be made to understand and accept the fact that they neither of them can obtain everything they want in their divorce case. Other obstacles to a successful negotiation are stubbornness and a desire for vengeance. This kind of behavior will only cost money and unnecessary delays.

Consult with A Lawyer with Experience in Complex Financial Cases

Divorce litigation and mediation involving complex financial issues can prove daunting. Garden City divorce lawyers experienced with complex financial issues can help shepherd a client through the mountains of paperwork, identify the key issues, gather all the pertinent documentation and help clients negotiate when need be. 

Contacting Us

Long Island residents facing complicated financial issues in their divorce cases are urged to contact Fass & Greenberg, LLP. We can review their cases and help plan the most suitable next moves.

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