Divorce Cases in New York: Why You Need a Lawyer

Divorce Cases in New York: Why You Need a Lawyer

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Some people seeking a divorce question whether or not they need legal representation. More people are asking this question now that divorce documents can easily be accessed online. However, a divorce entails much more than filling out paperwork and drafting agreements. Dealing with the emotions, the complexities of laws, and custody disputes that come along with a divorce can be overwhelming. It would be in your interest to hire a lawyer to ensure that your rights and interest are properly represented and accounted for. Always remember the famous quote by President Abraham Lincoln who once said “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”.


Going through a divorce can bring out a variety of emotions. These emotions can affect your decision making abilities. It is beneficial to have the perspective of an outside legal expert to help keep your emotions in check so you can make rational, well informed, and thought out decisions and agreements.

Knowledge of the law

A divorce case can involve many aspects of the law in addition to domestic relations. Divorces often involve laws pertaining to tax, bankruptcy, real-estate, and trust and estates. It is hard for one to have or gain the knowledge of certain laws in these various fields that would allow them to effectively represent their interests in a divorce case.

It is also important to remember that a divorce case deals with issues that are not only pertinent to your life now but also in the future. Many may not know the laws pertaining to future and unanticipated issues that may arise. These issues need to be considered and addressed. A lawyer will be familiar and anticipate these possible issues and bring them to light in your case. Divorce lawyers have experience and knowledge in dealing with these issues of law and are able to aid in making more informed and favorable agreements for the present and future. 


When there are children involved in a divorce it is important to have legal representation to help come to a custody agreement that is in the best interest of your child/children. Even if you and your spouse agree upon the custody and decision making arrangements now, this may not be the case in the future. Having a lawyer will likely result in the creation of a more effective custody agreement that will help maintain a functional and stable environment for your child/children in the present and future.  Also, if problems arise later on with the agreement that you had made with your spouse, you may need to return to court to settle a custody dispute and may need to hire a lawyer anyway. Hiring a lawyer during your divorce may help you avoid making ineffective custody agreements and reduce the chances of going through future custody disputes.  


Even if you believe having a lawyer is important to help you with your divorce, you may be worried about legal counsel fees. There are affordable avenues you can take to obtain legal counsel for you divorce case. You can reach out to legal aid societies, your county or state bar associations, or simply, your local law schools to get assistance from legal experts.

You will serve yourself and your family well by contacting the Garden City NY family attorneys at Fass & Greenberg right away after you or a family member become the victim of a family offense. You have every right to have a qualified and respected New York family attorney at your side throughout any court proceedings. Contact our office today to begin building your defense.

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