Visitation Rights: How Can an Attorney Help?

Visitation Rights: How Can an Attorney Help?

Visitation Rights

Few matters are as important as being able to see your children. Unfortunately, visitation can be a difficult topic to broach and an even harder process to undertake on your own.  If you are concerned about being able to see your children, it’s always important to speak to an experienced attorney. Below are a few things that you need to be aware of in the process.

Equal Footing
Perhaps the most important reason to work with an attorney when it comes to visitation is that doing so puts you on equal footing with the other party. Whether or not the other person has representation is irrelevant – having your own attorney gives you access to the same tools that the other party could access at any time. If you choose to work without an attorney, you may be choosing to put yourself at a disadvantage.

Professional Knowledge
A good attorney is also a fantastic resource in terms of professional knowledge. He or she will provide access to actual legal resources; giving you a chance to make your choices based on reality rather than just on your assumptions and/or emotions.  Many people have very specific thoughts about visitation, some of which are based more on hearsay and media portrayals than the reality of the law. If you want to know what you can realistically expect from your visitation agreement, you need the help of someone who can understand your unique situation, and apply the law to it.

If you are concerned about your visitation rights or you feel like you need professional advice, make sure to speak to an attorney. Visitation is too important a process for you to undertake on your own, so always make sure that you have the help of an attorney who is skilled in family law. When you’re ready to get the help you deserve, make sure to contact the Garden City NY family lawyers at Fass & Greenberg.

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