Would Mediation Be Right for Us?

Would Mediation Be Right for Us?

Attorney Help During a Mediation

Mediation is becoming much more popular in divorce cases. In face, it is even mandated in some states if you have children. If you have the option, though, it is important to stop and consider whether or not the process is right for you. While mediation can have impressive results, it shouldn’t be misconstrued as a miracle method that works for everyone. Instead of walking into a process blindly, you consider whether your particular situation would actually benefit from going through mediation.

The best reason to go through mediation is often that you have a relationship of some sort that you need to preserve. Divorcing your former spouse does mean that you are bringing the marital relationship to an end, but that might not end the connection between the two of you. If you have children or you run a business together, for example, you might be in a situation where encountering one another in the future is a certainty. Mediation will help you to come to solutions that may not be able to salvage that relationship, but that will allow you to interact with some degree of civility going forth.

You may also wish to go through mediation if there are issues between the two of you that cannot easily be solved by other legal processes. There may be sticking points in your marriage that cannot, or at least should not, be solved in a courtroom. Mediation gives you the ability to work with family lawyers in Garden City NY to come to agreements that might better suit everyone involved. These solutions may not be perfect, but they will allow all involved to come to the table and figure out what will present the best result for everyone.

Mediation may not be for everyone, but it might be for you. The attorneys at Fass and Greenberg are certified mediators, and can help you to determine if your situation warrants mediation or if you need to take your next steps in the courtroom. If you need the help of family lawyers in Garden City NY, contact Fass and Greenberg today.

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