Child Custody Agreements: How an Attorney Can Help

Child Custody Agreements: How an Attorney Can Help

Child Custody Agreements

Child Custody Agreements: How an Attorney Can Help

Going through a custody dispute is one of the most stressful experiences imaginable.  Emotions run high when children are involved.  Even if you think you can handle the situation for yourself, it’s critical to obtain effective representation by a skilled experienced attorney.

The right attorney will work with you to decide whether to litigate or work towards an agreement. Child custody cases agreements are complicated and highly nuanced.  There are so many aspects to a child’s life which need to be addressed, particularly when there are young children involved, and their future needs must be also be considered. There is also substantial room for negotiation.  Many parents who are not satisfied with the initial proposed custody agreement can gain important concessions by using a skilled Garden City NY family law attorney.

How Do Child Custody Agreements Work?

The lawyers at Fass and Greenberg understand just how complicated child custody situations can get.  Parties that can’t agree on who the child will reside with will sometimes resort to nasty fighting and low-end tactics in the hope of obtaining a leg up in the litigation. The goal in the child custody litigation process is to come to an agreement that both parents can live with while keeping in mind what’s best for the child. Joint custody arrangements are sometimes but not always the answer. As a way to end the power struggle over decision making, parents can agree to each be the final decision maker for certain “spheres” of a child’s life, i.e., health, education, religion, sports activities. Parents can also agree to share equal decision making in all areas but provide for mandatory mediation or binding arbitration as an alternative to court in the event of a dispute.

Why Hiring an Attorney Matters

Settling is not always the answer if the parties are unable or refuse to communicate effectively for the benefit of the child. Good lawyers know what matters to the court. They also have negotiation skills they can use on your behalf. Rather than trying to fight an uphill battle in a system that may be biased against you, hiring a Garden City NY family law attorney will allow you to approach the situation with a specific, plotted strategy in mind. Good lawyers understand how to use positive facts in your favor while mitigating the negative effect of less savory facts. If you or a loved one are struggling with your child custody case, contact our office to schedule a confidential case consultation.

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